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How To Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode Function Both Desktop & Android Browser

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*** This will bring up a hidden Chrome settings menu and the Force Dark Mode option. ***

I personally find Google Chrome’s Dark Mode UI to be very comfortable. However, I have enabled Dark Mode on all my PCs, Laptops and all kinds of Android apps and am slowly switching to Dark mode in everything. One of the good aspects of switching to Dark Mode is that it is quite comfortable for the eyes, and now it has more benefits than ever before to work at night.

Google has updated its Chrome browser to version 79.

It brings new features, including an experimental one, called Forced Dark Mode, which literally forces a dark theme upon any and every website, even if the website doesn’t natively have its own dark mode.

Here’s how to turn on Force Dark Mode in Chrome 79.

How to get Chrome 79

First, you need to update Google Chrome:

1– On your computer, open the Chrome browser.
2– At the top right, click More (three-dot icon).
3– Click Update Google Chrome.

If you don’t see this button, you’re on the latest version.
Click Relaunch.

Mac users can also open Chrome, go to Chrome in their desktop’s navigation bar, select About Google Chrome, and Chrome will automatically check for the update. For more about how to get the latest version of Chrome, see Google’s FAQ.

Recently there are several websites that support the Dark mode on the webpage natively, ie the elements of the content of the webpage of these websites are also seen in the Dark mode. The developers of these websites are given the Dark Mode option so that you can easily access the Dark content of that webpage.

However, most websites do not yet support the Dark Mode webpage.

However, by enabling a small feature of Google Chrome, we will be able to view and browse webpages of any website in dark mode. Although not the developer’s dark mode support from the website.

Here is one thing to keep in mind as it will be activated from the browser level and therefore the Dark Mode conversion of the webpage may not be perfect. However, this feature works fairly well on most websites.

How to enable Force Dark mode on Chrome Desktop

As I said before, some web sites have their own Dark Mode feature, and so when you use Dark mode in Chrome, the Web site Dark mode will automatically be enabled. And for those websites that do not have their own Dark Mode, those web sites will be able to convert to Dark Mode by forcing them through the browser.

Also I said that this feature has not been fully released yet, so you will not find this feature in the main menu, but you can go to this address from the browser’s address bar and select chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark   and the ‘Enabled’ option. After that, Force Dark mode will be turned on.

  1. Enter the following address in your URL bar: chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark
  2. This will bring up a hidden Chrome settings menu and the Force Dark Mode option.
  3. Go the drop-down menu next to Force Dark Mode and select Enabled.
  4. At the bottom, hit the Relaunch button to restart your browser.

========== Sample ===============

How to enable Force Dark mode on Chrome Android

1. To enable Force Dark mode on Chrome Android, type chrome://flags/ in the  browser’s address bar and press Enter.

2. You can then type the word “force dark” into the search box at the bottom of the ‘ chrome: // flags ‘ page and you can see the “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” option at the bottom right of this page.

3. Now, click on the drop-down menu of the option and select the Enable option.

If you enable the option, Chrome will detect if the site’s developers are creating a dark version of the site and will automatically select it if the dark version is created. However, if there is no dark version of the web site, then your Chrome browser will change the default color of the site and make it dark.

Once enabled, Chrome will give you a notification to re-launch. Relaunch Chrome by clicking the Re-lunch button.

All in all, the website you are browsing on Chrome Android will now display the content of the website in dark mode.

============= Sample ====================

Some options of Force Darkmode

When enabling Chrome Desktop or Chrome Android Force Dark mode, you will find several options of Force Dark mode, in addition to just the enable option. That means there are several options for Force Dark Mode conversion.

  • Enabled with simple HSL-based inversion
  • Enabled with simple CIELAB-based inversion
  • Enabled with simple RGB-based inversion
  • Enabled with selective image inversion
  • Enabled with non-image elements of selective inversion
  • Enabled with selective inversion of everything

If you only enable, you will by default convert the contents of the webpage to dark mode according to the content of the Chrome Web page.

Also, if you want to try these other postal mood conversion methods, you can try them yourself. These conversion methods will darken the content of the webpage in a way. For example, one of the options might just darken the images, which may be converted to postal mode only according to the CSS style file. So you can enable the options one by one to see which option is suitable for you.

Remember that after enabling any flag in Google Chrome, everyone must re-launch or restart Chrome. As you change any flag in Google Chrome, the Re-Launch button appears at the bottom. Clicking on it will close the browser and reopen it or restart it. As a result, the changes you make will be applied to Google Chrome.

If you do not enable or disable any flag on Google Chrome or re-launch or restart Chrome, that option will not apply to Chrome. And so please change or re-launch Google Chrome by changing any flag in Google Chrome. The same for Android phones and also for desktops or computers.

The last word

Google Chrome is something we all use daily, and it has some hidden features, today I’m talking about one of them. I hope you Understand.

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